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Rapid Transformational Therapy® – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions about RTT®.

1. How long does a session take?

Each Rapid Transformational Therapy® session lasts between 90 minutes to 2.5 hours. For that reason, I ask you to block 3 hours in your calendar to make sure you’re not rushed.

2. What does it feel like?

Imagine yourself daydreaming. You are just as relaxed. Don’t expect to feel ‘hypnotized’. There is no such feeling. You will have a conversation with me as if we were sitting over a cup of tea.

Hypnosis is about utilizing your mind like you usually don’t do. But the emphasis here is on “you”. YOU use your mind. I can’t do that for you. I can only show you how.

3. I’m not sure if I’m able to get hypnotised?

Hypnosis is just a natural state of relaxation. You experience this state almost every day, for example before going to sleep, when you are immersed in a book, driving your car as on autopilot or daydreaming. It’s natural and anyone can do it.

It’s important to know that hypnosis is always self-hypnosis. No one can force this state on you. It is up to you whether you want to enter this state of relaxation or not. You are completely in control during the whole session, your conscious mind takes the back seat, but is present the whole time.

4. How does it work?

Hypnosis is just a natural state of relaxation, like before falling asleep. It is like daydreaming and you may or may not notice going deeper into that relaxation when it is suggested to you.

We think we have never done it before although we do it every day. Hypnosis is not magic – it’s science! It works just by getting into the different brain wave state that is the same as when you’re in REM-state. That is what allows you to access the subconscious mind easily.

It’s very simple and anyone can do it, you’ll see for yourself when you do it too!

5. What if I don’t “go deep” enough?

Don’t worry about how deep you go. Just forget all about that. It’s really not important. The depth of relaxation is not linked to results at all. Important is that you relax and become excited by the idea that everyone can rewrite their programming.

6. What if I think I already know the reason behind my issue?

Even if you think you know the reason, you would see it in a completely different way. That is what allows you to change the meaning you attached to an experience and ultimately, change your beliefs. Just relax and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see in order to change your life. The most important thing is not to analyse or evaluate during the process. We will do this together at the end and then you decide what beliefs you want to keep and which ones you want to replace.

7. What if I go back to scenes that were unpleasant?

If you go back to a scene from your life that is related to painful memories, it’s important to know that you are not reliving that scene, you are simply re-viewing it from a safe perspective. You can imagine it like if you are sitting in a movie theatre. You watch the movie on the screen, you can be empathetic, but you are absolutely aware that you are in the movie theatre which means in the present. You are absolutely safe.

You are able to express your emotions, but most importantly you are able to change what this situation made your younger self believe. You will heal yourself from this safe, observing space, and I guide and empower you along the way.

8. When will I start to see changes?

There are 3 types of change from Rapid Transformational Therapy® – every person is different:

a) Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away – immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviours right in the session and then onwards.
b) Over time: You see consistent shifts every day, or over time.
c) Retrospective: You don’t see the changes immediately. Then, one day you look back and suddenly you see all the things that have changed in your life.

Each session has a lasting effect that can sometimes still unfold after having already achieved your goals. All too often you find yourself continuously evolving and growing without effort.