Nurturing Your Self-Worth

by | Feb 29, 2024

In this newsletter I’m going to talk about a topic that affects countless people: Social Anxiety. Social Anxiety often casts a shadow over our lives, diminishing our experiences of joy, ease, and self-acceptance. But there’s a simple path to transform your life that leads to confidence and a sense of belonging.

Self-Esteem vs. Self-Worth

In a world overflowing with external pressures and comparisons, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between these two concepts and how they impact our overall well-being.

Self-esteem and self-worth are two interconnected but distinct concepts that shape our perceptions of ourselves.

Self-esteem is linked to external factors such as achievements, accomplishments, social status, and recognition. It’s the result of how we evaluate our abilities and successes in various areas of our lives.

Self-worth is an innate sense of our value as a person. It’s recognizing that we are worthy of love, respect, and belonging, regardless of our accomplishments. Building a strong sense of self-worth helps us navigating the challenges of life.

Factors That Contribute to the Undermining of Our Sense of Self-Worth

The role of comparison: The one thing that threatens our self-worth like nothing else is comparison. In a world that constantly encourages us to measure ourselves against others, our self-worth can take a hit. The act of constantly comparing ourselves to others diminishes our appreciation of our very own qualities and strengths. It’s important to remember that comparing ourselves to others is like comparing apples and oranges – each individual’s journey is different.

The trap of advertisements: We are constantly surrounded by all sorts of advertising. Advertisements often suggest that buying certain products will make us more beautiful, accepted, or successful. This narrative can weaken our self-worth by tying it to material possessions.

Educational system: Our grades and test scores may have been used to measure our worthiness, by teachers, parents, our peers and eventually ourselves. Focusing on school success in a very narrow range of subjects can overshadow other valuable aspects of our identity and abilities.

Parental expectations: Well-intentioned parents may have unintentionally linked their love and approval to achievements, leading us to equate success with being loved.

Past trauma: Trauma almost always comes along with the feeling of shame. The shame of not being good enough, being different or unworthy. Those who’ve experienced trauma or abuse may question their worthiness and right to exist due to the scars left by their experiences.

Social media impact: In a world of social media, the number of followers and likes can contribute to our perception of our self-worth.

How to Embrace Our Inherent Self-Worth?

It’s crucial to recognize that our self-worth isn’t determined by external factors, achievements, or others’ opinions. We need to become aware that we were born worthy and start excavating. I want to stress here, that it’s never about blame. Most people that might have been involved in dimming our self-worth didn’t do that on purpose! Finding our self-worth is a quest that has only to do with ourselves. If you can’t find it within, no one or no thing from the outside can give it to you.

Your self-worth is inherent and unchanging. Rediscovering and strengthening your sense of self-worth is a journey that is very rewarding as it leads to improved mental, emotional and even physical well-being.

By regularly nurturing your self-worth, you can build a strong foundation that shields you from the negative impacts of comparison and external influences, leading to a fulfilling life. The are lots of different strategies one can find to shield themselves from the outside influences and also help with the internal validation of oneself. I am happy to put you on the right path or to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and reconnecting with your innate worth.

With warmth,