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Change your mindset –
Change your life

Anxiety, fears, limiting beliefs and lack of confidence are the most common reasons for people living a life below their possibilities.

There are many different fears that keep us stuck, like the fear of rejection, the fear of failure, the fear of judgement, the fear of not being in control, the fear of public speaking, the fear of the unknown, and the most common FEAR OF NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH.

Fears and limiting beliefs create subconscious programs that run your life, like on autopilot.
They control how you think, feel, act and respond in life.
Most fears are irrational, yet they determine your life!

It’s time to change that now!

Lacking confidence and self-worth or being governed by limiting beliefs or fears can present as










or manifest in physical symptoms like


digestive problems



skin problems

and so on..

Common feelings

Common feelings are insecurity, unfulfillment, shame, unworthiness, not being enough, feeling different or believing, that certain things are not available to you.

“I was able to understand how beliefs I obtained as a child transformed into habits and behaviours, I had taken with me into adulthood that held me back, preventing me from reaching my full potential.”


If you are tired of feeling stuck in looping thoughts, worries, fears or emotional overwhelm, if you want a shift in your life, your career, your relationships, you simply need to re-program your mind.

It’s time to invest in yourself!

Claudia Laschet
Bespoke Programs

Bespoke Programs

Sometimes problems are multi-layered. Depression, for example, often presents itself in a lack of self-esteem and a missing sense of purpose and belonging. In those instances, I recommend a bespoke program, tailored to your presenting problems.

These uniquely designed programs include three RTT® hypnotherapy sessions on three different aspects of your current situation, but also personal coaching. The coaching techniques and modalities I use will not only help you to discover who you really are, but also to establish your new upgraded self-image.  

“I’ve done therapy before, heaps of therapy. Nothing had the effect that Claudia’s coaching and hypnotherapy had. I still can’t believe how quickly and completely my life has changed.”


The combination of subconscious release and consciously taking action has proven to be highly successful.

Tailor-made programs are often useful when dealing with depression, burnout/stress, self-worth and confidence problems or with relationships problems.

Each program includes:

3 powerful RTT® Hypnotherapy sessions

3 transformative bespoke audio recordings

weekly personal coaching for the duration of 3 months

Liberate yourself and live the life you wish to live.

“The happiness of your life
depends on the quality
of your thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius

Shifting your mindset with me will give you the confidence to move forward and the freedom to live your life on your terms. You will achieve long lasting results and feel ENOUGH, content, relaxed and liberated.

RTT works in a 28-Day Cycle to allow us to install new beliefs and create new neural pathways.

Each Cycle includes:

1 Hour Discovery Call

1 RTT Session (about 2 hours)

1 Bespoke Audio Recording

Follow Up Contact During the Process

1 Zoom Call at 28 Days

Change doesn’t require years of work. Most clients achieve profound results in less than 3 cycles.

Claudia Laschet

Are you ready?

If you are ready to step into your new future, book a free Clarity Call now and use the power of your subconscious mind to achieve the freedom you are longing for.

Getting Started Is Easy

Getting started is easy

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Have your session and listen to a bespoke recording for 21 days.

Rapid Transformational Therapy®

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Why RTT®?

The aim of this revolutionary therapy is to free you from whatever is holding you back to live your best life possible.

RTT® empowers you to unfold your true potential, increase your confidence and self-esteem, break bad habits and to overcome fear, anxiety or former trauma.

RTT® works in 28-day Cycles to allow us to install new beliefs and lay down new pathways on a cellular level.

It works!

RTT® is incredibly successful. Since you install what you want at the subconscious level, usually no more than 2-3 cycles are required. For many issues it even takes only one cycle.

We can discuss your personal path during a FREE Clarity Call.

Achieve whatever you want and desire, easily and rapidly.

The moment you re-program your beliefs you instantly change how you think and feel and therefore your results in all areas of your life.

Your personal transformation, tailored to your needs and desires.

RTT® Hypnotherapy sessions can be held in person or REMOTELY from the comfort of your home.

It is equally effective via Zoom as it is in person.

RTT has worked for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It will also work for you.

Creating change that lasts

You can achieve and sustain results easier and faster than ever before.

Because you deserve more from life!