I had the most phenomenal experience with Claudia. I found her warm, caring and incredibly personable so could easily relax. Claudia guided me through a beautiful session under hypnosis where I made some incredible discoveries about myself. I was able to understand how beliefs I obtained as a child transformed into habits and behaviors, I had taken with me into adulthood that held me back, preventing me from reaching my full potential. Claudia helped me reach impactful ‘Aha’ moments, and guided me to transform old beliefs into powerful, positive, beneficial beliefs that will serve and nurture me for the rest of my life. The session under hypnosis was so incredibly powerful and insightful, however the icing on the cake was receiving the most amazing bespoke transformational recording afterwards. This was the most incredible gift and surpassed all expectations I had. Every time I listen to my recording I am able to see the phenomenal changes that have taken place in my life already since our session and I know this is only the beginning. I am so incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to work with Claudia and know she will have a positive effect on all who work with her.

Heidi, New Zealand

Claudia Laschet

I have worked with Claudia via Zoom as I’m based in England and I have had amazing results. She has changed my life and I am now able to pursue my dream with no limitations. My life has been limited massively for 35 years and now with Claudia’s amazing work I can live an abundant life. The life I’ve always wanted. I never believed this issue would be fixed and within 90 minutes and 21 days of listening to Claudia’s audio I have seen transforming results. I have been truly blessed to have met and been supported by Claudia and even as important I’m glad she has been part of my journey to success. Thank you Claudia, you are a true gift! 💕

Rebecca, United Kingdom

Claudia Laschet

Working with Claudia was the most incredible experience as she took the time to make sure that she had a thorough understanding of what my needs were regarding my presenting issue. I felt that she was very respectful and supportive of the issue that I wanted to work on and her approach to our session was insightful, thoughtful and extremely professional. I felt that she exceeded my expectations as my therapist for this session. I would highly recommend that you work with Claudia as she will make you feel heard, respected and valued. Thank you so much, again, for your time and compassion, Claudia; I feel amazing and inspired by my newfound confidence within myself!

Nicola, New Zealand

Claudia Laschet

Claudia is an amazing therapist and I feel blessed and privileged to have been able to experience an RTT session with her. From her first communication it was evident that she is professional, is committed to her craft and from the moment I met her she immediately reassured me and put me at ease. We had an immediate connection.

Claudia is a talented, intuitive and non-judgmental practitioner, who is compassionate and skilled in her field.

She builds an immediate rapport with her client with her bright, welcoming smile and friendly, open manner. She has an incredible command of the English language, despite it not being her mother tongue and I would highly recommend her as a RTT therapist. Anyone fortunate enough to have Claudia as their RTT therapist will be incredibly lucky.

Kirsty, New Zealand

Claudia Laschet

I have had the most incredible hypnotherapy session. To be honest, I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy, but Claudia explained everything so clearly and understandably that my concerns gave way to curiosity. The session was absolutely incredible. The insights I gained about myself, the insight about where my problem stems from was absolutely ground-breaking. In the session I was confronted with MY past, which of course I was aware of. But in the session itself you have a completely different approach, you see your own past situations with completely different eyes, you suddenly understand how you installed the problem yourself in your life. And then you get the best possible guidance to change this. This experience was absolutely phenomenal, I felt much lighter, really relieved, right from the session. With the recording, everything became even better integrated into my “new” life. I feel transformed, my problem no longer exists and looking back it is almost hard to imagine how I lived with it before. Now I feel really free and I can’t thank Claudia enough.

Susan, Germany (translated)

Claudia Laschet

My experience with Claudia was very helpful. Claudia is very personable and I felt very at ease and comfortable in her company. Claudia helped me identify my worries and concerns. After a hypnotherapy session with Claudia, I then had follow-up relaxation tasks for 30 days. I felt much calmer as a result of my treatment with Claudia and felt much more relaxed and in control of my thoughts. I recommend Claudia and her work to others

Teenager, 15 years old

Claudia Laschet

Claudia is naturally gifted to create a connection with her client. She is kind, calm, professional and compassionate. She makes you feel at ease, completely safe, totally relaxed and able to open yourself and your heart. She is very thorough in investigating your past with you, helping you explore the limiting beliefs you created with your experience of that time and understand why these beliefs are wrong and completely inappropriate for you now. She gives you the power to free yourself from this limiting thoughts and patterns. She also made me an incredible recording (that I couldn’t wait to listen to every night) to reinforce the new positive and supportive beliefs to help me overcome my low self-confidence. She helped me understand that I can do anything, I don’t need to be perfect, as I thought I had to be. Wanting to reach perfection is holding you back and making you feel not good enough. But thanks to Claudia, I know I am good enough.

Thank you, Claudia!

Anne, France

Claudia Laschet

I have had my fair share of RTT sessions but Claudia’s was by far the best one I’ve had for sure. The session itself was amazing and we easily identified the root cause of my issue. But the cherry on top for sure is the recording. I have never received such a good, to the point and empowering recording. Thank you, Claudia – you are a truly phenomenal RTT Hypnotherapist.

Kathrin, Germany

Claudia Laschet

I recently worked with Claudia, to help with feelings of anxiety and blockages in my life that were holding me back from reaching my full potential, along with sudden and intense energy depletion.

I had heard about hypnotherapy through a friend and colleague, and was very keen to give it a try to see if it might help with my own issues.

I didn’t quite know what to expect, but went in with an open mind and I was completely blown away by the things that came up in our first session!

Claudia immediately made me feel at ease, and I can’t believe how unburdened and free I felt when I got home! I also had so much more energy it was incredible… I even went for a bike ride that night and I can tell you that this definitely wouldn’t have happened 2 days prior, as my energy levels had been so low.

After several sessions with Claudia, I was so excited to see the transformation into my new self, my authentic self, without the barriers and blocks that were holding me back! I had a new sense of ease and excitement and I was able to relate with friends, colleagues and clients in a new way that I hadn’t experienced in a very long time. I had a new found confidence and had let go of hesitation and fear and now embraced trust and my intuition and had begun to manifest new dreams beyond what my limited self beliefs had previously allowed.
Thanks Claudia, this truly has been a life changing experience for me, and I truly recommend this for others who might be finding difficulty in areas of their life too.